Egg Rolls as seen on the Nate Berkus show

Congratulations!  You are the first to see my very first food blog…EVER!  I am new at this, but I have been researching tons of food blogs and there are some really amazing ones out there.  My goal is to present great food, but also great photography.  I am combining my love for both and I hope my passion shines through!

My very first recipe I decided to try was from the Nate Berkus show today.  Guy Fieri was on and he was making Chicken / Avocado egg rolls.  You can make these without the chicken as well.

Please click here for the recipe.  On my site, I will have a very condensed version of the recipe.  I have also changed my version up just a bit to suit my taste.

I followed the list of ingredients pretty closely.  I did not use as much soy sauce, however, because I find that a little goes a long way.



Once you have sauteed the ingredients… (I went ahead and put the cabbage and carrots into the pan while the rest was sauteing.  I turned the heat off and stirred for about 3 minutes)… you take an egg roll wrapper and place where there is a “V” facing you, and a “V” facing away.  You take your finger (or if you’re a stickler for rules, use a brush) and go along the edges of the opposite V from you.  I would guess about 1/2″ from the edge.  The egg roll wrapper package shows you how to assemble, but there is also a video on how to do it here.



Your oil must, must, must, must (ok, get it?) must be hot enough or your egg rolls will be soggy and just not at all (as Martha would say) a good thing.  If your oil is too hot, then the outside will fry too quickly and you’ll have an underdone center.  350 is the ideal temperature you’re going for.



Last thing you want is a great dipping sauce.  If I could get my hands on BJ’s Pizza & Brewery’s sauce they serve with their Avacado Egg Rolls, I would be in heaven…so my store bought brand will have to do for now.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!!  Go for it!  It’s not that hard!  Difficulty Rating:  C


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