My Disdain for Cake Pops / Balls / Spheres o’ Sugar

To be fair, I am not a sweets kind of gal.  I have to be in the mood to have something dripping with sugar, and even then, I have to balance that uber-sweetness with a strong cup a’ joe just to get it down.  So when the cake pop / ball trend came out, lets just say I wasn’t rushing to the front of the line to get my hands on one.

1)  What the heck are they?  They aren’t really just cake.  They are cake batter balls mixed with frosting to get them to bond together to put on a stick.  They aren’t a cupcake either.  Cupcakes (are supposed to) have this magical icing-to-cake ratio.  Which brings me to my next point….sweet upon sweet upon sweet upon sweet…

2)  As if cake weren’t sweet enough most times, this is a ball of icing mixed with cake, THEN dipped in another sugary candy coating to create that outer shell.

3)  Consistency is key.  I cringe when I bite into an underdone biscuit, donut, muffin, etc.  So when I took my first bite of a cake pop, I had to find the nearest napkin.  Unless I just had a really bad experience with one, I am not a fan of the consistency of a cake pop.  Mush.  Pure sweet mushness.

These are just 3 top reasons why I am not a fan of the latest trend.  Hubby says they are almost pure profit, so relax Cake Pop lovers….I doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon.  Just give me plain ole’ chocolate any day. Blahhh.  🙂


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