what is this… velvet?

I don’t go nutso over Red Velvet cupcakes like a lot of people o’ the South.  Maybe I’m just weirded out that most Red Velvet recipes call for both buttermilk AND vinegar topped off with sugar and a cream cheese icing. Maybe I’m just not that entertained with blood red cake.  Ok, yes…it does look pretty.  In researching this type of cake, I found there is great debate over what classifies a Red Velvet as being an “Authentic Red Velvet Cake.” Photo Info:  Red measuring cups sold at Target / container sold at Target

In my research, I found a few distinguishing characteristics that separate others from the authentic versions. First….to butter or not to butter?  Paula Deen is known as the butter queen, so I was quite shocked to hear that her version is one that calls for oil and NOT butter.  I even said in my best Paula Deen impression, “Shut yo’ mouth!” when I read this.  Yep.  She uses oil, or “owwwwel” as she says.  Butter = more flavor where Oil = moist. Second….the amount of food coloring and cocoa.  Third…..pecans or no pecans.  Fourth…and I have consulted with hubby over this and he says, “possibly”, but it is a specific southern flour used.  I believe those were the main ones.  I kind of just like to go by the old standard, “Ohhh pretty!  Does it taste good?” Photo Info:  Kitchen Aid mixer

My hubby (being the bread man) helped me find a few recipes that we decided to marry and get the best out of every one we found.  I still have 1 more alternative to try because I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the results.  So this is why I am going to wait to post a recipe once I get one exactly the way I like it and we’re all happy with it.  Photo Info:  2nd batch of cupcakes, Hershey’s cocoa, red ribbon, powdered sugar & a scrapbook sheet from Hobby Lobby

Batch #2 Photo

Batch #3 Photo Photo Info:  Third batch of cupcakes, cupcake liners from Kroger / scrapbook sheet from Hobby Lobby

In the meantime, here are a few places you can find red velvet recipes and you can decide for yourself which one you like best! *Since writing this, we discovered that on Food Network’s website, the Paula Deen version calls for oil, but on her own, personal website, she calls for butter. The butter army must have had a meeting and she caved.

Click Here for Pinch My Salt Recipe

Click Here for Paula Deen


2 thoughts on “what is this… velvet?

  1. I’m not much for red velvet cake either, never quite understood what it was supposed to taste like. As a vessel for cream cheese frosting, I like it just fine.. Your cupcakes came out gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much for coming by! You just made my night! 🙂 My hubby is a baker. Actually went to school to learn the science behind it, so I hope so or we’re in trouble! 🙂 Just having fun posting my love of food and practicing photography. Thank you so much for your comment!!

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