McAlister’s Savannah Chopped Salad Remake

One of my absolute FAVORITE salads to get is the Savannah chopped salad from McAlister’s Deli.  Problem with that?  1)  Cost of going more than once a week on a college student budget (more on that part later)  2)  Trying to keep my lady curves lady like and not beast like

I think it cost me $2.75 to make this salad at home.  It costs around $10-$12 when you get the salad and tea….who goes to McAlister’s and doesn’t get the tea?  Are you really my friend if you don’t?  (I think one of the secrets to their tea is they add a pinch of cinnamon or some other spice)  Anyway, I also like to control the amount of dressing and what I use in my dressings.  You can always opt for the from scratch method, but I’m doing everything else – I don’t mind buying the store made dressing if it’s a tasty one.

*Tip – make 2-3 grilled chicken breasts ahead of time so you can chop them up easily during the week, or grab a ziplock bag with 4-6 pieces during a break for some protein!

So this is MY version of the salad

Lettuce (any type your heart desires) then chop the heck away out of it
1/2 of a tomato -minus the slimy insides (chop chop chop)
1/4 cup cucumber (chop chop chop)
2 spoon fulls of gorgonzola cheese crumbles
handful of almonds and cranberries (sold at Target in the salad aisle in a bag, together)
diced grilled chicken
2 tsp any vinaigrette salad dressing closest to shallot, or raspberry you love
if you want to get all fancy on me, finely chop up green onion to top off salad



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