What kind of equipment do you use?
I would love to say I have a Nikon XL10,000(amazingawesomecrazygoodfuture) but I don’t. One day. I don’t feel like I’m there yet, but I’m trying to learn every day.
I use a Canon Power Shot SX10is. I find the absolute best lighting is during the day where I don’t have to use any flash at all.
I typically do not use any photo editing software, but if I’m feeling creative, I will. I like Instagram to share some of my photos. I’m JamSeaux.
I just get a creative bug and test different angles, heights, depths, colors, etc. 

Can I use your photos?
Sure, but please give credit where credit is due or karma will give crap where crap is due…and you don’t want crap do you?  No, but seriously, please at least provide a link back to my blog with the inspiration behind your posting.



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