Health Tip #1

Choose smaller plates.  I do remember seeing a special on 20/20 or Dateline or another news show where they conducted a buffet type study.  In it, people were given a certain color plate.  For whatever reason, people with white plates tended to eat more food.  Again – can’t recall the exact show.  I may even have the color wrong. Point being…. there’s some Tom Foolery going on with our minds at all times.  It’s no different when it comes to food.

In the pic below, you can see clearly how big (or small) the piece of bread looks on each plate.  Obviously- feels like you’re eating more with the smaller plate.  (Bigger one is your standard, dinner size plate. Smaller one is more of a salad plate or side plate.) We also tend to try to fill up the empty real estate on bigger plates.  Unless you’re one of those really disciplined people who purposely tries to just put food in the center of the plate….to which I ask…why not just buy smaller plates then??  Ah well.  To each…

In our little family, we have replaced a lot of our bigger plates with these small plates in effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  I may post a future blog on proper portion sizes, because I think this has gone on the crazy train as of late.  I don’t think people really understand what size they just ate – particularly at restaurants. Anyway, smaller plates.  That’s my first tip.

Smaller Plates


All about the Brussels

I have come across a blog through Instagram – Bleubird – that I absolutely love.  I think she home schools, and her husband is a photographer.  It is evident in both of their Instagram accounts.  I could spend hours
looking at all of the photos!

The most recent one I came across was a recipe for Brussels Sprouts.  Now, before you turn your nose up at Brussels Sprouts, just know that they contain a chemical (sulforaphane) -known to have anticancer properties.  It also is a source of indole-3-carbinol ~another chemical which boasts DNA repair and appears to block growth of cancer cells – so there!  It is a member of the cabbage family, so if you’ve never had it before, think of it as cabbage and broccoli having a baby??  Maybe?

Anyway, she recently was able to have a meal at Uchi in Houston, where she said it was one of her all time favorites.  She tried to re-create the recipe by flipping through similar recipes until she came up with this one.   I could not find “Sweet Chili” but I did find other websites that said you could make your own.  After toying around with different variations, this is my homage to Bleubird!  🙂

I will call them:

UchiBird Inspired Brussels


Cut them in 1/2 and coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Put them in a roasting pan and roast at 400 for about 10-15 min.  (If you use frozen, they will more than likely turn to mush – so I recommend using fresh Brussels in the produce section) While they were roasting, I mixed together:


I mixed together:  1/2 tsp fish sauce, 2 tsp chili paste, and 4 TBSP of La Choy’s sweet and sour sauce.  I have seen other variations where people use rice wine vinegar in theirs.  Mix it together and see what you need.  If it’s way too hot, add more sweet and sour.  Beware!  The chili paste is very hot, but it gives the brussels a kick!  (I found this sauce is also delicious with chicken or shrimp!!!  If you’re cooking with shrimp, I would marinate them in it and grill for 3-4 minutes per side.)

After the brussels cook for 10-15 min, take them out and coat them with the mixture.  Let them broil for another 5 or so minutes.  If dark browning occurs – this is OK.  This is the yum yum zone.  They will caramelize a little – again, this is OK.  They should also be fork tender by now.

IMG_0768 1A

We had ours with sirloin steaks and sweet mashed potatoes with a dab of butter, and cinnamon. Delish!!